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Discover concrete printing for your interior

3D concrete printing is incredibly versatile. Realize with us furniture for the interior as well as for the exterior. Creative designers have virtually no limits when it comes to designing new products. Planters with smooth or textured surfaces, flower pots or planter columns – we will print your desired product for you. Noble is, for example, our wine rack as a real eye-catcher in any room. Room dividers printed from concrete will create an aha effect in any office or even larger interior spaces. Planter columns give you space for several plants or herbs and are also a real decoration for any room.

Especially in demand at the moment are concrete kitchen countertops, which will give your kitchen an extremely modern look. Since the gray color looks very cool in this case, it is often combined with wooden elements and warm colors. Advantages of a concrete countertop are its resilience and durability. They are also scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. Regular impregnation protects the concrete slab from stains or water penetration.

For a beautiful home

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